"We each have our own unique style that makes us great. So lets live in our greatness now." -DF

Hi I'm Denisha Dlang Ferguson,

A creative entrepreneur who is dedicated to helping you get clear, design a plan, and get unstuck to pursue your purpose driven idea. Once you do this, it opens the door for your many other gifts and ideas, but you have to get started and flourish from there.

So what idea do you know you need to bring to life?  Let's Get started.


Make over 

My Goal and Me

Stop playing small and emerge into who you already are. 

We'll outline your goals and match it with your inner and outer true style. 

2 part session:

Part 1: Outline Goals and Action Steps

Part 2: Identify clothing that matches.


Opens Nov 17, 2020 

The GAP Workshop

5-Week Idea creation 


You've been knowing it's time to release your idea, but for some reason you are playing small and not taking the leap.


 You are overwhelmed by all the tasks. In the Goal-Plan-Action 5-week class.

You will establish a realistic plan (According to you) and start to implement your idea.

Opens Nov 17, 2020